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Our Impact    

Development projects create a tremendous amount of economic growth.  We are very proud of the economic impacts of our projects.  From tax revenues to the local towns, villages, cities, counties and state to the many new jobs created, our projects pack a powerful boost to the economy. 

In addition to the incredible number of economic benefits, our projects provided needed products and services to the communities we impact.  Whether it is in the form of needed competition or a new product or service in a community, Sphere Development’s projects improve these communities.


"...the shopping center, in all its contemporary formats, remains the relevant, resilient institution it has been for the last half century. The well-conceived shopping center-with the jobs it creates, the services it provides, the consumer choice it offers, and the public revenues it generates-continues to be a powerful force for societal good..." William Taubman, COO of Taubman Centers Inc., Chairman of the International Counsel of Shopping Centers from 2010-2011







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